Planetary Trail Rettenegg - Stuhleck

Decorated as "exemplary project" with the
Science Week 2001 AWARD

The `planetary trail` Rettenegg - Stuhleck  "HEAVEN on EARTH" is both a scientific and tourist project worked on by the institute of astronomy at Vienna University along with the tourism boards of Rettenegg and Spital/Semmering  and CALENdeRsign.

It is situated among the foothills of the eastern part of the Austrain Alps, nestling between Sonnwendstein ("solstice rock") and Teufelsstein ("devil's rock"), two places  which have always been associated with time and calendars. It is in the region between  Roseggers Waldheimat (regional writer Rosegger`s country) and the gentle hill  Wechsel ("Mount Change" - translated literally from German)  .

At the heart of the planetary trail is a permanent model of the solar system  on a thousand millionth of the scale. The classic  planets, their distance from one another and their positions in the solar system on May 5th 2000 are all represented correctly to scale.  The conception and the texts represent a connection of modern astronomy, based on today's world views, with that of the astronomy of past cultures and eras. The texts contain modern knowledge of astronomy and myths about the movements of the stars and make them clear to the visitor. The movements of planets become understandable and great sizes and distances easily comprehensible.

The manifestation of the planet positions on May 5th 2000 represents a special, unique attraction up to now because such a position of the planets has probably been of great importance for time orientation and calendars since  ancient times.

The planetary trail  Rettenegg-Stuhleck "HEAVEN on EARTH" creates a spatial and chronological  reality of our cosmos : A memorial for the search of how mankind relates when and where in time and space to the universe.

The starting point of the planetary trail is the star-pavilion in Rettenegg. With the help of a glass fibre light system the stars of heaven are shown there.

During Science Week Austria 2001 many further exhibitions and events are taking place at the Planetary Trail  Rettenegg - Stuhleck "HEAVEN on EARTH".  


Inner planets

Outer planets

Translations by students of class 6.A, BG/BRG Mürzzuschlag (English teacher Barbara Scharler, assistant teacher Ed Maguire)