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Flashmail#1 CEP/Walpurgisnight/Maya/Comet

Dear friend of CALENdeRsign,
here is some fantastic news for you:

CEP (Countdown to Equinoctial Planetary alignment) counting the days up to this alignment at the beginning of spring in 671 years is available as freeware at EUROSOFT. You can download it along with the new version 13.9 of Calendar Magic on URL:

This program is very interesting and provides you with a lot of useful data, including, the Personal Earth-day Calendar, i.e. pec, the total days upon Earth since your birth. It is called in this program "This is your life". Have fun!

Planet Venus, which will make ist transit in front of the Sun on 8 June (CEP 244994) presents us with a spezial feature: On 3 April (CEP 244063) Planet Venus, in former times also called the goat star, will be aligned with the Pleiades, and thus joins the seven little kids, the Cabrillas, as this tiny constellation still is called in Spain. It also shows that this fairy tale deals with ancient star knowledge.

BTW, three days before the transit of Venus is CEP 245000! (5 June). After that, there will be exactly 245 times 1000 days until the next such alignment of all planets of the same kind, which was important for the adjustment of Anno Domini. Wouldn't it be great to have a 1000-day-step-reminder for this unique point of future?

After Johann Kepler calculated the AD count, he found it did not coincide with the death of Herod (4 BCE) and the triple alignment of Jupiter and Saturn (7 BCE), and therefore he called this count the "Dionysian era". Being a strict Protestant believer, this count did not match with his creed. My calendar-friend Charles Moyer calls this AD count A(fter) D(elusion) and in this spirit, I want to invite you to create other solutions for this First-letter-game (acronym), such as also C(hristian) E(rror). Please tell me your results and I will post it on the Pictograph site:

The 3600 year-old, golden star disk of Nebra/Germany, presumably the oldest representation of the stars of the sky, was recently exhibited in the German Museum in Nuernberg Pls see:

The disk proves that North of the Alps the observation of stars was used to measure time. Due to the location where it was found by tomb robbers, the disk gives a fantastic clue to the calendrical origin of myths and sagas, similar to Lucifer's Rock in Austria.

I want to tell you briefly how this disk is linked with myth, calendars and the location where it once was deposited. You surely know about Walpurgisnacht, when the witches at "Blocksberg" waited for the devil during this night.

No doubt this was on the night of the full moon during or after beginning of May, as also Goethe wrote about in Faust, and many others report. This did not take place strictly on the eve of 1st of May, as modern esoteric calendars say.

In the direction of sunset on 1 May, as seen from the Nebra Mittelberg, where the disk was found, there is situated the mythic mountain Kyffhaeuser. On summer solstice the direction of sunset is Brocken (called Blocksberg). Now can you see the linkage? See also German map or German site

Apparently, by Christianusation the former feast of Beltaine has been distorted into the myth of Walpurgis night. The etymology of Walpurgis is not clear, but it could derive from Wallhalla and purgatory, and because it customs tell also of the Wild Hunt; its celebrations may be an allusion of a last good bye to the winter Ghosts. The dates of these celebrations were ascertained by astronomical observations on what I would call the "2nd full moon night of spring". At this time, in the Northern region the cold season is over and you can spend the nights out in the open air. The warmer season traditionally was welcomed with dances and fires. In other words, the myth describes a simple landscape calendar: The former people of Nebra observed the sun setting behind Kyffaeuser, and then waited for the next full moon. This "pagan" feast, however, was eradicated (In German: ausmaerzen; literally Marched out) by the competing Christian feast of Easter. Walpugis night was condemned and the observations were connected with waiting for the devil and performing evil rites, in order to defame it. All clear so far?

Coincidentally, a total lunar eclipse will take place on Tuesday, 4 May (CEP 245032), the same time as Walpurgis night! Therefore, we are going to celebrate the Total Lunar Eclipse of Walpurgis night at Lucifer's Rock. For information pls see:

An interview is now posted on my website.
Joan Griffith, who often advises me, thought I should offer an introduction to my work. JOAN, Thanks a lot for pestering me so often: You have done a great job! I hope the interview, which creates an introduction for CALENdeRsign, gives you a better idea of what we are about. Pls see the interview on the English welcome site:

It gives some basic facts and gives an idea of the direction and intentions of CALENdeRsign. I would be interested in receiving feedback and any additional questions. I will post the answers on a spezial introduction and FAQ site.

 In this program, NOVA takes you deep into the Central American rain forest to the resurrected ruins of Copan, a Mayan civilization, founded sixteen hundred years ago. It shines new light on the importance of calendars and causes comparable considerations with the Christian age calendar

Stela 63 is the earliest dated stela from Copan, and it records a very important date in the Maya calendar. There's a long inscription on the front, and it has these five periods of the Long Count, each with a number associated with it. On this stela is the Mayan long count date: nine baktuns, zero katuns, zero tuns, zero uinals and zero kins. In other words, this is the beginning point of nine baktuns,, an extremely important period in Maya history. A baktun lasts about 394 years, so they commemorated this time period by erecting this stela, because it was also the time of the beginning of the Copan dynasty. This probably isn't a coincidence, that the beginning of the baktun was also the beginning of the dynasty of Copan.

On stela 1 reads: "It ended the 15 katuns." And then, with the ending of the inscription, it tells us, that the stela is dedicated to the 13th successor in the dynasty, Ruler 13. Each of the 13 rulers reigned on average 22.7 years, what matches perfectly to human lifetime.

Altar Q depicts all 16 kings of Copan, but it's more than just a visual king list of the site. There are four kings on each four sides of this square altar. King Yax Pac, the 16th ruler, who dedicated this monument (Altar Q) wanted to depict his entire dynastic ancestry in the context of the cosmos. There's an idea of a beginning and an end, as if anything that comes after the 16th ruler is somehow out of order or would begin some sort of new history, some new sense of a beginning.

Altar L , this stone monument could be one of the key pieces of the Copan puzzle. Its date corresponds to the year 822 CE, and thus this altar could be the very last stone monument ever produced in Copan.

Pls note that the next baktun (10) started in 830 AD, and coincided with the mysterious end of Copan civilisation.

It confirms my suspicion (expressed in my German book, STERNSTUNDE 2000) that the mysterious end of Mayan high civilization could have been caused calendrically by the end of the 9th baktun.

Isn't there a parallel in calendrical periods or ages between native American and European Christian?

Does this exist also in civilizations? Beginnings and endings of ages causing new civilisations? Is this the reason that some people recently are so afraid to accept the fact, that the Christian calendar is linked to the start of Piscean age (ICHTHYS) or the fact the adjustment of AD was plotting the May-5-000-alignment (in ancient world view: the return of everything)?

I hope some clever people realize now the necessity of a new calendar --- similar to D.E., who created the AD count after Anno Mundi 6000 (the begin of Seventh Biblical Day) came about during his life.

Comet or asteroid co-responsible for "Dark Ages" in medieval times?
Astronomers suggest that a comet impact in 536 CE could have been reason that a large soot cloud darkened the sky for many years. Derek Ward Thompson of Cardiff University UK, published his article in AG of February 004, showing that tree ring analysis (dendrochronolgy) could date such an impact to 536 CE. Calculations based on the impact of comet Shoemaker Levy 9 on Jupiter allowed an estimation of the size of this comet. It might have been only 300m in diameter, much smaller than thought necessary for a comet to be a global hazard. The average temperature fell 3° and was the lowest in the last 2000 years. It is possible that it caused a mass population decrease in Europe, including the Justinian plague and the Black Death, which followed crop failures and consequent starvation. The article ends: "If such an event happened today, and crops failed over a significant part of the globe for several consecutive years, then once again a large percentage of world's population would face starvation."

Thus, let us hope for clear sky and open mind Until the next time,

Yours Sepp Rothwangl
CEP - 245118

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