Sepp Rothwangl bei einer Lesung des Buches "Sternstunde 2000"
Sepp Rothwangl at a reading of the book "Sternstunde 2000"

Sepp Rothwangl
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Fifty years before the end of the millennium Sepp Rothwangl first saw the light of the day. The youngest of three brothers, he spent his childhood, the years following the untimely death of his father, mainly in the family forests of his native Mürz valley. The young Rothwangl left his home to attend studies in Graz, which, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to finish. He was forced to come home, to run the family business, as he continues to do today. Jobs in the restaurant trade and in pharmaceuticals insured Rothwangl a way to earn his living and a means of keeping in touch with people. In his youth he was constantly observing the customs of the rural population, a preoccupation which eventually led him to the "Teufelstein", the Devils’s Rock, a prehistoric calendar rock ("the Styrian Stonehenge") located in the Alps near Fischbach in Styria, Austria. This discovery led Sepp Rothwangl to study time, calendars, astronomy and myths intensively. Out of these studies arose new, controversial and exciting points of view. Years of research into archeo-astronomy and myths, along with the written records of tradition and customs connecting this research with the realities of the coming of the year 2000 allowed Sepp Rothwangl to compile an exceptionally interesting calendar. These works offer insight into times past, human culture and civilizations, while opening the door to a new time and its new world.
Bernd Schmidt (Kronenzeitung/ translation: Terri Gattringer-Sabino)


Freelance author and writer
Manager and President of CALENdeRsign society, dealing with marketing of cultural heritage, archeoastronomy and calendar.


STERNSTUNDE 2000. Der Countdown zum Jüngsten Tag. Einführendes Fachbuch über Archäoastronomie.
REPORT des internationalen interdisziplinären wissenschaftlichen Symposions über den Teufelstein (Co-editor and Coordination)
Several articles in scientific journals
Lectures  at symposium (NDV, Cosmology conferrence) .
Science Week 2001 Award for Planet Trail "HEAVENS upon EARTH".
Member of HASTRO-List and CALENDR-List


Family: right now still living alone (divorced); since 2000-11-18 Grandfather!
Kids: two nice girls!
Heide, born in 1976, studying technical environment at Montan-University Leoben
Elisabeth, born 1980, studying economics at University Graz

Hobby and lifestyle:

Skiing, theater, music, literature, archaeoastronomy,
 working in the own forrest, Schlaraffia (Waldsepp der Rothsohler, Ander Pruggen, 217), humour;
 without religious confession.

Sepp Rothwangl als Teufel

Synonyms and Nicks:

Storyteller of the dawn of doomsday .
Count of Monte Anti Christo (Lucifer's Rock)
CountofMAC (AIM-chat)