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WHO? WHERE? WHEN? this are the three main questions that answers the simple sentence "I live here and now"by expressing the fundamental situation of us humans in time and space.

But this situation needs reference to be graspable and comprehensive.

To the  "WHO"  refers birth certificate, names giving and identity and if you loose it can help police, registration office or psychology.

For the  "WHERE" are die geography and astronomy the regarding disciplines.

The  "WHEN" is a construct of relations by historical science, chronology and calendars, because the "NOW" is only a fleeting moment, that only then becomes an epoch if you mark and define it in the historical background and orientate yourself to it.

The question for the  "RECENT NOW" raises immediately also the search for the temporal distance to other point of time and to what they refer or are orientated.  This was for CALENdeRsign reason to proof how far they represent actuality and rationality or need revision.

The Gregorian Calendar is spread out world wide. In it the counting of the calendrical time is adjusted on the base of religious tradition starting with the years of the Lord (anno domini).

The turn of the millennium was reason for CALENdeRsign to research the origin of religious, particular Christian calendars and to consider new alternative time keeping systems.

CALENdeRsign provides you with a lot of useful new information about the connection of celestial run, calendars, mythology, religions, astronomy and astrology.


Please see as a introduction to CALENdeRsign 
an interview with Sepp Rothwangl

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