The Cycle of Planet Venus
or, why Venus became Lucifer

Venus is a planet that has it’s orbit between the Sun and Earth. One orbit of Venus around the Sun takes approx. 224 Earth- days. Because of these facts Venus can stand from the viewpoint of Earth in 4 destinctive positions. (Elongation and Conjunction). To return back to each of this positions Venus takes 584 days. During this time Venus is visible 260 days as morning star and 260 days as evening star. Because Venus ( as inner planet) is always close to the Sun, it never can be seen at late night, like the outer planets (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) and the fixed stars. At inferior and superior Conjunction (with the sun) Venus is not visible (except at a solar eclipse or a Venus passage). Approx. 55 - 60 days of the 584 days cycle Venus is not visible. The periods of visibility between first the appearing as morning or evening star and the vanishing takes on average 266 days and that correspondences quite exact to the human pregnacy period. Therefore Venus is since ancient times a heavenly watch for giving birth. As Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Freia, etc. this planet was a symbol of Goddes of love and sexuality.


The knowledge about this connections is delivered in many pagan symbols, but has been condemned by the catholic Church, it’s claim to power and monopoly on calendars. Venus, the morningstar became as lucifer to the prince of the hell. This Goddes and the sexuality has to be condemned by the Christs, to legitimate the divine origin of Jesus, who is born by a virgin. In Christian dogma the sexuality has no importance by the fathering of Jesus. - It is always the same story with these innocent virgins: Europa with the bull, Leda with the swan, Mary with the pidgeon and at least is coming the stork.

The symbol of the Pentagram has it’s origin also from the orbit of planet Venus:
After every 584 day cycle Venus is visible in a constellation, which is 72° away. After 5 x 584 days (8 years) Venus returns only 2 days before the 8th anniversary to the same point. 5 x 584 = 8 x 365 = 2 920 days. This period, the 8 x 365 day cycle, 8 year without leap days, is known as the Sothis cycle of ancient Egypt. To assume, the ancient Egytians were to stupid to invent leap days, therefore seems to be obtuse.

By the way, the Moon desribes in these 2920 days also a destinctive cycle, quite exact 99 full moons, (29.5 x 99 = 2920,5 days). Moon cycles are also hidden in many ancient and pagan fairy tales, like „Dornröschen" or the race of hare (moon) and hedgehog (sun).

1st Postion: start when Venus is morning star (max.Western Elongation)

2nd  Position: after 584 days: Venus is morning star again.

3rd position: after 2 x 584 days

4th position: after 3 x 584 days

5th position: after 4 x 584 days

6th position: after 5 x 584 days: Venus has returned to starting point after 8 years and is visible again in constellation Leo.

Planet Venus describes in 8 years each 584 days at 5 positions on the zodiac the pentagram.